World Maths Day

October 16 2019

October 15th was World Maths Day! World Maths Day encourages students around the world to engage in online competitive fames centered around mental math problems.  To celebrate World Maths Day, I wanted to incorporate something specifically for math teachers.   

There is no doubt that SEL skills and knowledge are important and necessary.  The issue that usually comes up is how teachers are supposed to incorporating SEL into their lessons, especially in subjects like math and science.  This can be challenging and stressful. provides resources on this very topic.  The site talks about how leaning to solving real-world and mathematical problems translates to internalization of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, also known as social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies.  You can read more and grab some resources here.

Here are some fun activities you can share with your students to celebrate World Maths Day!

  • Befriend a mathematician.
    • Surround yourself with someone that is a master at math and you'll slowly becoming more adept at solving math problems yourself.
  • Participate in a math-a-thon.
    • Sounds epic, right? There are math contests happening all throughout the country, so odds are there's one in your neck of the woods. Not ready for prime time? Gather your friends, family, kids – and create the ultimate math-a-thon on your own.
  • Do some math puzzles online.
    • Find some fun math sites on the internet. Go play with these puzzles, and start problem solving. There is so much to do! For example, check out: or
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