March 24 2020



How many of you are new to distance education and working from home?  I’m guessing this is new to most if not all of us.  And for those that do have experience working and/or teaching from a distance, I bet adding in homeschooling your own children is a new twist? 


The current situation is new to everyone and there is no “one way” to manage your own work, kids, family, etc.  What we CAN manage is our expectations by understanding how transitions/life changes work.  If we do our best to understand and approach this situation with an open mind, AND reach out for help when we need it, then we are doing things right.  


This article from Huffpost is about mastering transitions and I felt it relevant to what we are all going through right now.  They break down transitions into 3 predictable stages:


Stage One: Resisting/Reacting

Stage Two: Adjusting/Exploring

Stage Three: Living Well in the New Old or the Old New


Click here to find out some ways to make the winds of change flow a little easier through this transition.  

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