Tiny Habits

January 6 2021

The first of the year is usually coupled with New Year’s Resolutions and talk of setting goals.  Many people typically set big and unachievable goals and then begin to self-criticize when they realize it.  By the time this happens, the motivation to achieve those resolutions has usually dwindled down to nothing. 

In his book, “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything,” BJ Fogg explains Behavior Design and how his Tiny Habits method takes the failure out of change and provides a system to achieving what you want one habit at a time. 

You can read an interview with Fogg regarding his book in the NPR article ‘Tiny Habits Are The Key To Behavioral Change’.  He explains that motivation alone isn’t enough to propel behavior.  It takes small changes overtime to achieve success.  It takes ability and motivation to cause “action.” 


His book goes on to describe how to start implementing these small changes (tiny habits) by using what he calls a recipe: Prompt (Anchor Moment), the Tiny Behavior, and then Celebration when the behavior is completed.  The latter may sound silly but it’s important that there are positive feelings associated with the behavior. It’s a brain science thing. ????


Your recipe would look like this:


After I……(Anchor)

I will……(Behavior)

Then I celebrate!........(describe how you will celebrate)


If you are interested in learning more, check out his 2012 TED Talk.


I encourage you to develop your own Recipes for success and share them with loved ones to help hold you accountable.


If you are interested in meeting to discuss this in more detail or would like a walk through on developing your own Tiny Habits, please let me know.  I have sample anchors, celebration examples, and 4x6 Recipe templates that you can save and build from. 


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