Things You Should Do Every Day To Improve Your Mental Health

May 13 2020

There are daily things we should be doing every day to improve our mental health. Our body and brain need routine. Let’s avoid the maladaptive thinking to help ourselves live longer!


Below are the Top 11 things to include daily to focus on our physical, emotional, and mental wellness! Simple things such as a morning stretch, an intentional hug, or a mindfulness minute before bed can improve your mental health.



2.Socializing/ Connections

3.Express Gratitude

4.Spend Time Outside


6.Kind Acts

7. Laugher

8. Sit-Up Straight

9. Adequate Sleep

10. Have Something to look forward to

11. Learn Something new


Boost your overall happiness and lower your stress long-term! Check out detailed ways to engage in these 11 things on the NAMI blog! The best way to commit to a healthy balance is by creating a checklist and adding more and more of these each day!


How many of the 11 will you engage in today?


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