The Holidays

December 19 2018

The Holidays are here and while it is usually a joyful time for a lot of us, some of us are actually “triggered” by the holidays. If this is true for you, I thought the following article (which was taken directly from the NAMI website) might be helpful for you to read.

The BASE Wellness Program and Communities In Schools of San Antonio wish you all a wonderful winter break!!

For Those Who Find The Holidays Triggering

By Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW | Dec. 14, 2018

My patient, Han, used to dread going home to his parent’s house for the holidays. He found it hard to relax and be himself, and his wife and children also dreaded it. His parents made hurtful remarks, criticizing everything from their outfits to their opinions. The minute Han walked through the front door of his childhood home, his stomach would knot as he felt himself shift from the man he is to the boy he was.

Han told me, “I walk in the door and wait to be bombarded: Why don’t you have more children? Why aren’t you making more money? Why don’t you have a better position? Why aren’t you more traditional? Why did you marry a white girl, etc. With each jab, I feel smaller and smaller, like I am literally shrinking…no, disappearing.”

Unfortunately, feeling diminished, tense or hurt by our family (our grandparents, parents, siblings and even our adult children) is not unusual…read more.

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