Teacher Appreciation

May 7 2020

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and although you may or may not all be traditional teachers, you all make a lasting impact on the lives of our students. 


This year’s Teacher Appreciation Week may seem different than year’s past.  You may be feeling disconnected from your students and you may feel like your relationship with your students has suffered.  Distance Learning does not have to be just academic learning.  Social Emotional Learning, which can help build relationships, can be used to help maintain or rebuild connections with your students. 


This article from Education Week talks more about how you can implement Social Emotional Learning skills into distance learning lessons.  According to the article, “Karen VanAusdal, the senior director of practice at the Collaborative of Academic and Social Emotional Learning, or CASEL says, ‘It can be simple things, such as sending daily notes, or, as some educators are doing, morning meetings with their classes where they can build community and do check-ins with young people to see how it is going,’ said VanAusdal. For younger students, some teachers have been reading books aloud to their students virtually and then reflecting on the social-emotional skills of the characters in the books, said VanAusdal.”


Take some time to reconnect with your students this week! 


Thank you for choosing this profession. Thank you for choosing to impart knowledge. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Thank you for your perseverance. Thank you for the massive amounts of love you bring to your students every day. Life is a journey of learning, happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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