Stress Management with Strengths

October 14 2020



Stress can pop up anytime and anywhere.  But when you take control and develop strategies to combat stress when it arises, you can keep yourself cool, calm, and collected.  The following are 10 of the best research -based strategies for managing stress.  Some are things you may have heard before and some may be new.  What will be different though, is the connection with character strengths, which can help with each strategy.  At the VIA Institute on Character website, you can read more about each of these strategies and their associated character strength tip.


  1. Use reframing:
  2. Improve your planning:
  3. Learn relaxation:
  4. Affirm your values: 
  5. Use one of your signature strengths:
  6. Manage strength imbalance: 
  7. Develop a forgiving style:
  8. Practice mindfulness:
  9. Unleash your gratitude:

10. Use positive self-affirmation or write about something you enjoy (but not both!):


If you are not familiar with character strengths or would like to learn about your unique character strength distribution, you can take the free VIA Survey here.


Thank you,

Kristeena Dewberry, MA, LPC-S

Basecampus Coach - NEISD

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