October 12 2018

Today is the final day of my Mental Illness Awareness Week emails. The topic for today is Stress. Stress is something that affects every person at every age. Some of our students feel overwhelming amounts of stress and pressure from their teachers, their parents, their friends, and even from themselves. Think of those students whose home life is chaotic; imagine the amount of stress they have experienced from the very moment they were born (and possibly in utero) and how their health has been affected from years and years of accumulated stress. The stress we feel from one area of our lives has a tendency to carry over to various other areas as well. Your own stress even affects the way you interact with your students. Click here to visit a site that lists over 40 different signs of stress and its impact on our body and our lives. With this final email for Mental Illness Awareness Week, take some time this weekend to de-stress and relax, find something you enjoy doing and do more of it!

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