December 10 2020

The upcoming holiday break brings on the need to reflect and process the events of the past year and the year to come. With everything that has gone on this year, this reflection time becomes all the more important. According to, self- reflection, or introspection, is “[…]an important psychological exercise that can help you grow, develop your mind, and extract value from your mistakes.” It involves the process, both formal or informal of examining one’s own thoughts and feelings at this moment or in recent memory. Asking questions like, “What are things that I have accomplished this year?” or “What improvements can I make in my life?” are just some of the questions one can ask in the process of introspection. You can find more about the process and questions to ask during introspection in the Article.


Three Key Things to remember when participating in Self-Reflection according to

  1. Recognize that there is a difference between dedication and obsession to Self-Reflection. If it starts to bring up negative emotions like stress or anxiety, introspection may have gone too far.
  2. Do not trade accuracy with rationalization. “We are surprisingly good at coming up with rational explanations for irrational behaviors we engage in (Dahl, 2017).”
  3. Stick with “What” questions rather than “Why.”  “What” questions generate more opportunity as opposed to “Why” questions which can highlight limitations.

In summary, this wonderful season can also take quite the toll on us mentally and emotionally. Through practicing these Introspection activities (Self-Reflection), we can make the holidays a little brighter and enjoyable.


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