SEL Practices

May 17 2019

The City of San Antonio has declared May as Trauma-Informed Care Awareness Month. This declaration increases the awareness of trauma and its significant impact on the lives of the people affected by it. What does this mean to you as an educator? With this increased awareness and the fact that your line of work puts you in direct contact with a population of people who are or have been affected by trauma, your future as an educator will likely always include language surrounding trauma-informed care and the increased implementation of SEL practices.

Have you embraced SEL practices and implemented them into your classroom? If you are a little reluctant, you’re not alone. The movement surrounding trauma-informed care is sweeping the nation and many educators are having to rethink the way they work with their students. If you’d like help in understanding what it means to be “trauma-informed,” let me know. We can work together to figure out what SEL practices you might be comfortable with. You may even be doing SEL practices without even realizing it! The end of the school year is coming up, but that doesn’t mean you should wait. Schedule an appointment with me today!

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