Secondary Traumatic Stress

January 29 2019

There is a “new” term being thrown around these days, Secondary Traumatic Stress. This condition affects many individuals in the helping professions, educators included. Throughout your career as an educator, you will encounter many students who are facing hardships and have experienced trauma in their lives. The stories you hear about the lives of the students you care about can and do impact you as an educator. Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) has similar symptoms to PTSD and can negatively impact your personal and professional life. Click on the image below to learn more about STS, its symptoms, and how it can lead to Compassion Fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion. This particular article a talks about combatting the effects of STS at your school through cultural awareness and creating peer groups to address it. My monthly Teacher Table Talk sessions were created to do just that. These sessions are open forums for you to talk about STS, your experiences in the classroom, self-care, or just student issues in general. Please join me in room M109 during your conference and/or lunch period tomorrow, 1/30/19, for my next Teacher Table Talk session where we can talk about what is important to you. There will be snacks and refreshments! Let me know if you any questions about STS or if you’d like to schedule an individual appointment.

Photo Curtosy by iStock/Mary Jirovaya

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