Resilience with Social Emotional Learning

September 3 2020

The pandemic has left even the most resilient of people at risk of being vulnerable and less regulated than they were pre-COVID-19.  For this reason, SEL can benefit everyone.  SEL skills are real skills that can support us in managing the roller coaster of emotions we will continue to have over the coming days and months.  Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence provides some helpful tips and introduces their “Ruler Approach”; which provides tools and resources grounded in the theory of emotional intelligence to promote the psychosocial health and well-being of educators and their students and parents.


This article, which was published on EdSurge, discusses the importance of being cognizant of stress and its effects and utilizing the RULER acronym; the components and process of emotional intelligence, including:

  • Recognizing emotions in self and others,
  • Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions,
  • Labeling emotions accurately,
  • Expressing emotions appropriately, and
  • Regulating emotions effectively.

They explain the importance of establishing routines and setting reminders throughout the day to help stay on track with those routines.  Emotional checks or meta-moments, as they call them, are another tip they share.  A meta-moment is defined as a process for responding to emotional situations with strategies that align with one’s best-self and that support healthy relationships and personal well-being.

CASEL CARES Initiative is an initiative that connects our global community with experts to address how SEL can be most helpful in response to today’s circumstances.  I recently watched a video from this initiative that helps explain the need and importance of SEL from a neuroscience perspective.  To view the video on safe share, click “CASELCARES: Helping Children and Families Manage Stress & Build Resilience with Dr. Bruce Perry”.


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