Reclaim those mindful moments!

October 25 2021

Fall is a beautiful time of the year! Are we letting it pass by too fast without noticing its beauty or our purpose in it? Reclaim those mindful moments! We cannot increase the number of hours in a day, but we can take control of the number of hours we are given. Dr. Tchiki Davis shares about mindfulness in current times via Psychology today. She’s found that gaining new awareness leads to living ethical, value-driven, and purposeful lives.

Are you present, are you living, are you happy?

See 5 Mindful Moments to reclaim purpose driven lives.

  • Hearing Silence
  • Breathing Minute
  • Peaceful Arrivals
  • Joyful Connections
  • Body Gratitude
  • What does it sound like?
  • How long can you hear it?
  • Set the timer and breathe.
  • Is it fast? Is it slow?
  • Is safety a concern?
  • Notice your surroundings
  • Intentional Parking
  • Healthy Physical Touch
  • Smiles and Boundaries
  • Mindful Eating
  • Brain Breaks


As we engage in these moments of mindfulness there will be a natural “abundance of happiness, joy, and feelings of connectedness”. We are all working to decrease the worry, exhaustion, and stress in our life’s as we move quickly towards a fast-paced, technology driven, advanced society. The importance of being aware, open, accepting, and mindful in our lives is extremely important! Go on and check out the full article on Mindful Moments

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