National Stress Awareness Day!

November 3 2021

Today is National Stress Awareness Day!

National Stress Awareness Day aims to help individuals identify the various
stressors in their life to reduce and/or manage their individual stress levels. According to this article from Associated Behavioral Health, some ways you can reduce the stress in your life include:

1. Find Your Stress Triggers before they negatively affect your body
2. Try Yoga and Meditation, this can include prayer or any spiritual silence
3. Exercise to Release Stress, 30 minutes a day of constant movement
4. Ease Stress Through a Better Diet, are greens and fresh food being included?
5. Schedule Sleep, consistency is key!
6. Take on New Hobbies, what brings you joy?
7. Figure Out What Works for You, is your time management working?

Once your personal stress triggers are identified, it’s important to create a plan to
better manage them. Sometimes your stressors can’t be alleviated by you alone. If
you identify stressors that involve other individuals, it’s important to work out a
communication plan to help you vocalize your stressors and needs with others.

 Stress can negatively affect other aspects of your life, including your physical health, so identifying it early and creating a stress management plan will lead to better health
and happiness overall. 

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