National Mentoring Month

January 30 2020

January is National Mentoring Month!

According to Allison E McWilliams Ph.D. , There is power in mentoring relationships.


Being a mentor and positive role model for a student changes lives. This connection presents the mentee with the opportunity for future growth, life- long well-being, increased self-motivation, and guidance to professional development.

  • Keep the mentee’s goals in front of you, check path, intention, and conversation about goals.
  • Check your motivations, it is a privilege to be of service to another person.
  • Using a mentoring agreement sets professional expectations and allows for check-ins and feedback.


The mentor takes a very important role. Being a role model additionally presents the mentee with the opportunity to access resources, establish professional networks, develop career-life plans, and visualize life aspirations. Be a mentor today!


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