Life during COVID, rediscovering purpose.

Life during COVID, rediscovering purpose.

As we find purpose in our ever-changing life, we constantly seek being healthy, wealthy, and happy. Our perception of life is based on the purpose we seek. Staying connected with people being driven about similar purposes is important.

Are you able to find meaning in what you do daily? Please see Dr. Gary’s Drevinch 3 points on purpose and the current life we live.

  1. Purpose means power in positive outcomes. This leads to stronger immune systems, quick health recovery, longer living, and economic success.
  2. Purpose altered perceptions. Higher purpose drive equals less challenges identified, less challenges identified means higher positive emotions and success.
  3. Purpose from Patterns. Increase your sense of purpose by fostering patterns of success, focus on the positive.

A sense of purpose is increased by achieving numerous moments of success in your role on campus. “I feel I belong; I feel I do well, I feel I am where I suppose to be, I feel happy!”.

As we work in the school environment “external factors” can impact our purpose driven life. Unite with those that can help you execute your purpose to reach happiness in your role daily. You are worthy, you are valued, you are important, you are needed. Live your purpose!


If you’d like me to visit your classroom as I guide you through leading the class in a mindfulness activity reach out to me! Students finding peace and purpose is important too!

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