January is Mental Wellness Month

January is Mental Wellness Month.

As we continue our journey into 2022, let us take some time to process and reflect on the importance of Mental Wellness and Health. Mental health, as we know, does not stop at remedying situations of high stress and duress. A key half to maintaining mental health and wellness is creating and maintaining structures that foster and nourish our well being. 

Columbia University’s Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry released 11 tips to help us foster Mental Health and Well-Being. One thing to mention about these tips (such us Sleep Well, exercise, and Eat Healthy) is that they may sound simple. However, these tips serve as building blocks of helping facilitate our Mental Wellbeing. They are also they easiest to overlook as stress and pressure both overwhelm our lives.

Take some time for yourself this week, and take a few of these tips to implement into your daily routine. Remember, Mental Wellness is not a destination, but a journey we take.

Connect with your Basecampus Coach today! It's time to check in on your work stress level!  

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