Impatient Hospitalization

December 13 2018

I’ve received some questions from teachers recently about how to help a student who is returning from inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Most of the time, you don’t get a lot of details about the student and you struggle with how you can best support them in your class without knowing those details. If one of your students has recently returned from inpatient hospitalization, it is okay to call the student’s parents and ask if there is anything you can do help their child transition back into your classroom. While the parent may not disclose all of the details you are hoping for, this simple conversation starter can be the key to better understanding your student in order to support their needs in your class. The toolbox e-news covered this same topic back in October, but I thought it was important to send this link out again. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or concerns about one of your students and I can work with you on how to provide more support for them when they return to your classroom.

The 1in5 Minds Toolbox for Educators website provides additional resources to help you support your students so take a look around! I also just added a forum discussion about this particular topic, click here to read comments from other educators and to leave your own.

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