Healthy Relationships Spectrum

October 4 2021

The Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence currently works the campaign Purple Porch SA which focuses on ways to maintain healthy relationships across our alamo city. As we continue to turn San Antonio purple this October for National Domestic Violence Awareness month submit your home’s purple porch light or purple door wreath via a photo to #PurplePorchSA and join the movement!

In year 2020, 36 Family Homicides and 14,542 SAPD Crisis Responses to DV Victims were reported. That is far too many! Let’s look at the Healthy Relationships Spectrum to help you identify and prevent domestic violence. We want to be proactive and seek support.

Unhealthy Relationships

  • No Communication
  • Dishonesty
  • Economically Unequal
  • Controlling

Abusive Relationships

  • Hurtful Communication
  • Denying Abusive Acts
  • Isolation of Partner
  • Mistreatment

The goal of a Healthy Relationship is to engage in practicing consent, being respectful, communicating openly about your needs, parenting together, and making collaborate choices. For further details on Healthy Relationships Spectrum visit the Collaborate Commission on Domestic Violence and the National Commission on Domestic Violence.

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