Escalating Behaviors

May 24 2019

This week’s tip is taken directly from the One in Five Minds for Educators toolbox. Dr. Josh Essery says, “Solely viewing a child’s behavior as the problem and thus focusing on changing the behavior usually contributes to frustration in all parties and leaves everyone without understanding.” Check out the article to read more.

It may be the end of the school year, but don’t give up on your students. Many of your students might be dreading the summer break because it means they will no longer have an escape from their troubles at home and sometimes this can cause an increase in “problem behaviors” at school. If you have any students who seem to be escalating their disruptive behaviors, try to think about what might be going on outside the classroom to cause those behaviors inside the classroom. If you’d like help in knowing how to prepare your students for their long break from school, please reach out to me and schedule an appointment!

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