Emotional Learning

February 25 2020



Let’s look into Emotional Learning this week!


Emotional awareness in students is key in being able to manage feelings. The management of emotions has now been identified as an important factor in reaching happiness and success in all areas, including academics. Skills gained when experiencing emotional awareness are self-regulation skills which lead to achieving personal success. Emotional Health is important!


Social Emotional Learning proves the development of better anger-management, impulse control, empathy and compassion understanding in addition to self-awareness.


Teacher Goals


  1. Be a great emotional role model as you teach.
  2. Engage in a classroom environment of emotional acceptance
  3. Promote self-creativity
  4. Practice more than just traditional paper assignments (add movement, social interaction)


If we want students to achieve success, we must be aware of our way of engaging and professionally and emotionally performing day to day. They learn from you! Students continue to face terrorism, violence, traumas, illnesses, broken families, deaths, maltreatments, educational pressure, city stressors, financial burdens, and self-lead life guidance. Let’s aim to define success and help them achieve it!


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Have a great day!

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