Educator Self-Care

September 16 2020

Self-care has been talked about a ton recently and will most likely continue to be talked about for a long time; especially during COVID-19.   But what exactly is self-care? Some believe that self-care is “selfish” or “superficial”.  That self-care is having a “drink of choice” in the evening or sleeping in on Saturdays.  But in actuality, self-care is more than that.  It is a commitment to yourself that you will take the necessary steps to maintain balance in the different areas of your life so you can be the best person for yourself and others.  It refuels you, rather than takes from you. 


For those in the caregiving professions like teachers, counselors, or nurses, for example, self-care may be more stigmatized than in others.  People in these professions often find themselves encouraging others to take care of their health than to do so themselves. 


The article from, continues this discussion further and explains why self-care is important for teachers, provides a few self-care ideas for teachers, and even helps teachers manage classroom self-care by providing activities for their class. 


For even more information on self-care, especially during COVID-19, click here.

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