Disengaged Students

October 17 2018

This week’s tip focuses on disengaged students. I’ve heard from several teachers over the past couple of weeks that your students don’t have behavior issues in your class, but instead they are disengaged and won’t complete assignments. There are typically two reasons behind a student refusing to engage:

Attention – they get more attention from you when they disengage because you confront them about it, possibly in front of other students

Escape – they don’t know the information and don’t want to be singled out. Or maybe something is going on outside of class which prevents them from focusing

Check out the Toolbox for Educators website to help you figure out which type of disengaged student you are dealing with and to learn more about what you can do to foster change in those students. If you’d like to talk more specifically about a particular student, let me know and we can sit down and chat!

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