Developing Your Strengths

April 29 2020



Even during times like we are in now, developing your strengths (those things you are good at and actually enjoy doing) can help you flourish at work or in your personal life.  But for most, it can be difficult to do more of what you do best when you don’t really know what those things are.  Right now, people have a little more time to learn and try new things or build new habits.  Why not let this be one of them?  Here are three ways to put your strengths to work.


  1. Discover Your Strengths    
  2. Prioritize Your Strengths
  3. Create A Daily Strengths Habit

To read more about each of these areas refer to this article from Psychology Today.


If you would like to learn more about how to utilize your strengths, click here to get information on an interactive experience combining character strengths and mindfulness practices provided by the VIA Institute on Character.  

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