Cultivating a Strong Work Ethic within Students

 Cultivate strong work ethic within your students!

As a teacher or professional in the school setting you have the privilege of being an example for students. Your actions get to shape how a student acts in the future. What a great opportunity you have to help shape the world.

Students learn by observing. They get a hold of what work is, how one expresses self-initiative, and how one challenges self. Student’s listen more than we think, they are naturals at multitasking when they choose to. They remember! Seek to embrace the time with them and work to find a balance between academic material and relationship building/ connection. A student will enjoy a class if they enjoy the teacher, they will care about their actions in their class if they care about you. Some of you go above and beyond and truly care, those student’s that give you a chance value that!

Encourage students to volunteer their time, whether it is out in the community or within the school setting, outside or in your classroom. Work associated with service is key to understanding the value of work.

Things to tell yourself and your student’s each day!

  • Believe in yourself!
  • Love yourself!
  • You were born for special reasons!
  • Look for ways to help others!
  • Discover your unique talents- that is your purpose!


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