Anxiety in the Classroom

May 19 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

 Sometimes anxiety in children is easy to identify - like feeling nervous right before a big test or being nervous about going to the doctor.  Other times, anxiety can be a little stealthier and present as something entirely different - an upset stomach, disruptive or angry behavior, ADHD, or even a learning disorder.

There are several types of anxiety and according to, that is why it can be hard to detect in the classroom.  Anxiety tends to make school difficult for students because the stress responses associated with it can disrupt the connection to the “thinking brain.” 

A few tips for recognizing anxiety in kids at school are:

  • Inattention and restlessness
  • Attendance problems and “clingy” kids
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Trouble answering questions in class
  • Frequent trips to the nurse
  • Academic problems in certain subjects
  • Not turning in homework
  • Avoiding socializing or group work

Please keep in mind that the presence of one or more of these behaviors does not indicate a diagnosis of anxiety. A more thorough explanation of each of these behaviors and what might be causing them can be found here.

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