2021 - 2022 School Year

The Holidays Blues and Mental Health Resources

December 16 2021

As we draw closer to the extended holiday break and the celebrations that come, let us remember that this time of year may not be a time of celebration for all.…

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Fall Times and Gratitude!

November 8 2021

Before Thanksgiving comes upon us, let’s take a little bit of time to discussgratitude. Gratitude is often interpreted as just the act of being grateful,…

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National Stress Awareness Day!

November 3 2021

Today is National Stress Awareness Day!National Stress Awareness Day aims to help individuals identify the variousstressors in their life to reduce…

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Reclaim those mindful moments!

October 25 2021

Fall is a beautiful time of the year! Are we letting it pass by too fast without noticing its beauty or our purpose in it? Reclaim those mindful moments! We cannot…

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Teen Brain and Mental Health!

October 22 2021

Let’s look at the Teen Brain and Mental Health! As a teacher in the classroom, you spend time students more than anyone else in the school! Your…

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Healthy Relationships Spectrum

October 4 2021

The Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence currently works the campaign Purple Porch SA which focuses on ways to maintain healthy…

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Beyond Behaviors

February 25 2021

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Disruptive or Aggressive Behavior in Children

Disruptive or Aggressive Behavior in Children and Teenagers As adults we may sometimes feel disrespected,…

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Cultivating a Strong Work Ethic within Students

 Cultivate strong work ethic within your students! As a teacher or professional in the school setting you have the privilege…

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Mental Wellness in Preparation for the Holidays

Oh Joyful, oh stressful holiday time! It can be exhausting. According to the American Psychological Association 44% of women and 33% of men are overwhelmed…

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Thinking Calm and Being Mindful

Mindfulness   How much focus do you give to your current experiences before thoughts of past stressors or future…

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Life during COVID, rediscovering purpose.

Life during COVID, rediscovering purpose. As we find purpose in our ever-changing life, we constantly seek being healthy, wealthy, and happy. Our…

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January is Mental Wellness Month

January is Mental Wellness Month. As we continue our journey into 2022, let us take some time to process and reflect on the importance of Mental Wellness…

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