Helping Students

How to Talk With Your Students About COVID-19

Administrator Helping Students

I’ve already had more than a few hard conversations about the novel coronavirus and how it is impacting my students’ lives. How can we reassure our students during this crisis? And what signs should we look for to make sure that they are safe?

Building New Learning Strategies for Students

Administrator Helping Students

We all want our students to succeed, but we need to show students exactly what success looks like and provide them with a roadmap to get there. Time management, note-taking, and study skills can be customized to individual learners.

Help and Hope: How to Talk With Your Students About Suicide After the Death of a Peer

It’s natural for teachers to worry that talking about suicide with their students could lead to further deaths, an idea known as suicide contagion. But avoiding the subject — and failing to create a safe space where students can grieve — can actually harm our students. To end teen suicide, adults have to step up, be brave, and have hard conversations.