Questionnaire about “Detect Children's Mental Illness In the Context of Virtual Education”

  1. "Mental health is on a continuum” means that:
  2. What’s important to know about students with mental illness to better help prevent a relapse or a crisis?
  3. Once students with a chronic mental illness are receiving treatment, they can be treated like any other students:
  4. Which of these is not a trigger mentioned by the presenter:
  5. What is a major mental illness warning sign that teachers can observe:
  6. What are the key warning signs of substance abuse mentioned by the presenter:
  7. Changing to virtual teaching makes it more difficult to see problems because:
  8. What is NOT a specific warning sign to look for in virtual classes:
  9. What first step can teachers make when they suspect something is wrong with a student in order to better understand the student’s situation?
  10. What is NOT a good strategy to help engage parents when you have a concern:
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