Description: Detecting signs of mental illness among students is never easy, but remote learning has added a level of complexity. In this 45-minute video, we explore the definition of mental illness, the triggers of a crisis, the warning signs to watch for that can be detected in virtual sessions, and how teachers can respond to get help to a student. In addition to the video, we recommend reading the following articles for the completion of the professional hour:

  1. What Are The Warning Signs Of Mental Illness?

    The following are some of the warning signs that a child may be struggling with mental illness: A child is troubled by feeling, Experiences big changes, such as, Is limited by, Behaves in ways that cause problems...

  2. Self-Care And Setting Boundaries For Teachers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

    There is a strong link between mental illness and substance abuse. People with mental illness resort to substances as “self medication” because they provide relief and escape.

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