Description: In this module, you will learn about common experiences for and responses from parents of children with mental illness. This section also covers the role culture plays in how people respond to mental health issues and what strategies you can use to engage them when you see that their child may need extra support.

  1. What parents experience

    Watch the video of a mother’s experience with her child’s illness.. Download and read the Family and Friends handbook. Optional: watch the movie “No Letting Go.”

  2. Understanding cultural differences

    Read the articles about Hispanic parents, military families, and foster care children. Optional: read about multi-generational families and refugee families.

  3. How to help parents

    Read “How can the school help…”, “How to dialog with a parent…” and “Three steps to follow…”

Exam and Certificate: When you’re done reviewing the content, click here to take the exam for module 2.

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