Description: The 2020 pandemic has been a huge burden on students who weren’t able to socialize and missed the structure and routine of school, causing an increase in anxiety and mental illness among many of them. In this 40-minute long interview, Andrea Tristan, LPC, CCTP is reviewing the ways teachers can help students during these difficult times. In addition to the video, we recommend reading the following articles for the completion of the professional hour:

  1. Adjusting From Classroom To Online Teaching: Tips From A Teacher Experienced In Both

    In the second week of March, many of us in higher education received emails about either taking our classes online immediately or preparing to do so.

  2. Self-Care And Setting Boundaries For Teachers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

    In a matter of a week or two, your day-to-day life has been turned upside down. School has now gone online for the foreseeable future, everyone is sheltering in place, and social distancing is the new norm.

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