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Download the Parent's Guide to Children's Mental Health

Download the Parents Guide to Children's Mental Health

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What happens when parents of a child who experienced a mental health crisis try to explain the situation to family and friends?

Too often, the response is disappointing, frustrating, and maybe even hurtful. Parents may refrain from speaking up because it contributes to their increasing isolation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, most family members and friends would help if they knew how.

“How can I help?” is a downloadable PDF guide intended to help relatives and friends understand and respond to these parents in helpful and appropriate ways.

In this handbook, family and friends will read:

  • What it’s like for parents to have a child in crisis,
  • What mental illness is: myths and realities,
  • What not to say when responding to the news of a mental health crisis,
  • How parents wished friends and relatives would respond,
  • What friends and relatives can do to really help parents who are on this journey.

This 16-page, beautifully illustrated and practical handbook was written with the input of a group of 10 parents who have been through this experience and want to help others. It tells the story in a powerful way, and gives practical advice that anyone can use to be a caring partner.


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